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The Jaynes Gang is proud to be founded on three generations of stockmen who really know the bucking bull business. Family Values and a tradition of providing the best product and services for the best price is what the Jaynes Gang has always been about. With three generations involved in the business you can count on us to serve you well in the bucking bull industry. We are proud of what we do and the integrity that we bring to our business.

Bucking Bulls are what we know. People from all walks of life have always had a bit of fascination with the sport of bull riding. It amazes fans, and at times riders alike, that a rough and tumble, live by the seat of his pants cowboy would even think about climbing up on the back of a bull. Some of the cowboys can weigh as little as 130 lbs., while a bull can weigh upwards of 1600 lbs. There is something most uniquely American, and truly western, about the sport of bull riding.

We love the bull business and are in it for the long haul and for the love of the sport, the bulls and the fans. Getting a bull to the level where he can compete at the American Bucking Bull Competitions, and then on to the PBR is exciting, but it starts just one buck at a time. That is where The Jaynes Gang comes into play. We know bulls, we know good genetics and we know how to get bulls ready to compete at any level.

Young bucking bulls start out by proving themselves in Futurities and Classic competitions around the nation. The best of the best have a chance to win major bucks – and hopefully move on to the professional and most prestigious ranks of bull riding. Our clients have bulls showing in all the major competitions and we are proud of their successes. Just visit our Events Results page to see who is winning where.

As the sport of bull riding continues to grow, so do the numbers of people involved in all aspects of it. It seems that these days nearly everyone either has a favorite bull or bull rider that they love to follow. With The Jaynes Gang to help you, you can join the ranks of bull riding fans who can now say they are BULL OWNERS! So if you are itching to get in on a piece of the action, give us a call.

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Jimmy JaynesBilly JaynesJonathan Jaynes

Jimmy Jaynes
Jimmy Jaynes was a bull rider in his younger days. He understands the bull business and the genetics involved in breeding great bulls. After riding bulls for a number of years, he decided that being a business owner might be a better way for him to make a living. He has owned several businesses, including a shipping company called Jaynes Shipping that specialized in consulting for offshore rigs. Currently, Jimmy helps The Jaynes Gang in every aspect of the bucking bull business and also runs a landscape company called N & J Landscape.

Billy Jaynes
Billy Jaynes followed in the footsteps of his father, Jimmy Jaynes, by also being a bull rider first and an entrepreneur second. Of course Jimmy also instilled in Billy the importance of education. Billy graduated high school as a member of National Honor Society in 1980. He then went on to finish his education by graduating from Sam Houston State University in 1985 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and as a member of the National Dean’s List.

But Billy always had a love for bucking bulls and he started riding bulls before he was in college. After 12 years of bull riding he decided to hang up his spurs and became a stock contractor. Billy is a former Amateur, CPRA, IPRA and PRCA stock contractor. While he won numerous awards as a stock contractor providing all types of stock for rodeos, Billy never lost his love for the bulls and was always known as a "bull man” in his stock contractor days. While working as a stock contractor Billy, with the help of his wife Kay, also ran a collection company called Certified Recovery Systems. Billy was the founder of his collection company as well as several other businesses and associations, including Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association, Southern Rodeos, Inc, X-treme Bull Riding Tour, Bucks By Design, Exclusive Genetics, and of course, The Jaynes Gang. Taking all of his vast knowledge he has about bucking bulls, as well as his love for the sport of bull riding, Billy has been a full time breeder and trainer of bucking bulls since 1999.

Jonathan Jaynes
Jonathan was born in 1998 and has been around bucking bulls since the beginning of his life. It looks like he will be a true "Jaynes” following in the Entrepreneurial footsteps of the past generations, as he already has his own herd of bucking bulls and cows. The importance of education is engrained in Jonathan as he won the UIL spelling competition in third grade and consistently makes straight A’s. He played on the All-Stars team in baseball as a nine and ten year old, and is just an all-around leader in everything he does. Jonathan helps at the ranch with the bucking bulls and enjoys being a part of The Jaynes Gang Professional Bucking Bull Trainers.


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