Just as some race horses are born with a genetic predisposition to have more speed than others, and some cutting horses have more "cow” in them than others, and some dogs have a natural instinct to point, some bulls are born with a genetic predisposition to buck harder, turn back faster and just plain get that rider off their back.

But just because an animal is born with talent and athletic ability, doesn’t mean they will rise to the top of their event. Without the proper training they simply can’t, and won’t, reach their full potential. We understand how important the training process is to any athlete.

We believe there are three key time periods in a bulls training.  **Click link below to see more

New Training Facilities!

The Jaynes Gang is now offering training services at two locations - Orchard, Texas and Dekalb, Texas!

The Jaynes Gang is proud to announce a new partnership with Mike White, the legendary PRCA world champion bull rider and PBR superstar. He will be training for the Jaynes Gang in DeKalb, Texas. Mike has an incredible resume with nearly 50 bulling riding titles, and we're excited to bring him on! You can learn all about Mike White and his history in the bucking bull industry by visiting his trainer spotlight page (click to view).

While we are pleased with this expansion to our team, do not forgot about our resident bucking bull trainer Terry Mazac in Orchard, Texas. Terry has been training bucking bulls with The Jaynes Gang for the last year and has experience preparing world class bucking bulls for competition! You can learn more about Terry on his trainer spotlight page. (click to view)

Pre Event Training is getting the bull ready for the event. Teaching him to load properly, how to behave in the chute and not fear it, how to buck properly teaching the bull how to have a consistent pattern that will win, and how to leave the arena after performing, making sure the bull understands the out gate. All of these actions and procedures are important to teach the bull BEFORE we take a bull to an event.

Event Training is teaching the bull the things he needs to know that will help him be successful at the event. We focus on teaching the bull several things, such as proper loading and traveling procedures in the trailer, learning to be away from his friends so that he will eat and drink when he is alone, and what a bucking dummy feels like. We place a bucking dummy and flank on the bull several times so the bull is familiar to this procedure. These are just a few of the things we do to help the bull arrive at the event and return home in good condition both mentally and physically.


Follow Up Training is also important to the bulls longevity in the bucking bull industry. They have to learn how to be away from the herd, how to be consistent in the behavior, as well as be properly conditioned so they can reach their peak performance.



If you would like to learn more
about our training program please contact us via email or phone. We would love to visit with you about our philosophy on bull training. To learn more about the different services we provide and the cost involved in training your bucking bull please visit our Services Page.

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