Futurity & Classic Bull Training

Futurity & Classic Bull Training is one of our specialties. Taking a young bull and training him so he can be ready for events is so rewarding.

Every great bull had to start somewhere and we know that we are getting some of the next great super stars ready for the PBR.

At the Jaynes' Gang we take pride in focusing on the three key time periods in a young bull's life to ensure proper training: Pre-Event Training (Arena Etiquette), Event Training and Follow Up Training.

During Pre-Event Training we focus on teaching the bull that the arena and the chute are not his enemy. To teach your bull "Arena Etiquette" we focus primarily on out gate training, proper use of discipline during loading, chute training and bucking training. This is crucial before moving on to the next stage, Event Training.

Before your bull can participate in events he needs to learn a few basics so he is acclimated to the idea of traveling to and from events. We pen and feed him as well as teach him proper trailer loading.

Once we feel he is ready we provide follow up training to ensure his skill level is maintained. As your bull will be traveling to competitions, we teach him to feel comfortable being away from the herd in order to eliminate nerves and uneasiness on the day of the event. We train our bulls to have confidence and a consistent pattern in their bucking by conditioning them.

Many people ask what we look for when we train bulls? The easy answer? A winner. The complex answer? Characteristics that win. The best way to understand bull training necessities is to understand the judging process. All bulls are judged on five categories:


  • In this category, the judges look at how they come up in the front end. Essentially, how high and how many times they come up in the front end.


  • Here it is important that the bull is judged on how high and how far extended he is when he kicks.


  • The two categories that drive a bull's intensity are his buck and kick. Every bull has to be intense to do either of these maneuvers. We take an average of these two and give credit for a strong finish or deduct for losing intensity.
  • For Example: -.5 if he gets weaker the last second, -1 if he gets weaker the last 2 seconds, +.5 if he gets stronger the last second and +1 if he gets stronger the last 2 seconds

Difficulty to Ride

  • Difficulty can be tough to judge and can also be very subjective. In our standard of judging on difficulty we start a bull with a three and add or deduct as necessary.
  • For Example: -1 if he spins 1 round or less, +.5 if 2 rounds, +1 if 3 rounds or more, +1 if 4.5 or higher on buck or kick, -1 if 3 or less on buck or kick, +.5 if drifts in spin are more than 10 feet and +1 if he spins at least 1 round both ways


  • Bulls who make rounds one way or the other (especially both ways) score higher on intensity and difficulty.
We understand that your bull is your pride and joy and our main goal is to ensure that the most of your investment is made. We do this by instilling proper and solid training from a young age.

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