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Hou's Mom

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Hou's Mom

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This cow is loaded with genetics that produce winners! Her daddy is Houdini and her mother is Cow 2782 who has already produced several times for the Bucks By Design Ranch. This cow's mother has already produced winners for the MDF and hopefully Hou's Mom will produce like her momma. Good chance she will.


Hou's Mom's first bull calf is a bull named Snooker and he looks like he is going to be a good one.

Sire Info: Houdini (329)
217 - Hou's Mom is a daughter of Houdini.  Houdini is known as the greatest bucking bull sire of all times. \r\n

Many say this is the greatest sire of all times and it would be hard to argue when you look at the list of champions he has sired.  A few of those include Voodoo Child, Lightning Jack, Dr. Hou, Boobie Dance, Night Life, Wild Life, Life Of The Party, Bring It, Hippy Music, Copp Hou, Straight Jacket, Short Stack, Magic Man, Freak On A Leash, Captain Hook, Black Pearl, Handsome Jack, Best Bet, and many, many more including the 2007 American Heritage Champion Last Call. 


Last Call
2007 ABBI American Heritage Futurity Champion
3rd Place at the 2007 ABBI Futurity Finals in Las Vegas.
$114,480.00 in 2007 Futurity Winnings


Dr. Hou
2005 ABBI Year-end Futurity Champion


Handsome Jack
2005 ABBI High Point 3 yr old


Dam Info: 2782 (2782 Jungle EX-ile)

Cow 2782 is a daughter of Exodus who Billy Jaynes will tell you is the greatest sire of all times, for his ranch anyway. This particular Exodus daughter has already proven she can produce buckers. At the first Buck Day and BBQ for 2011 MDF bulls, the 1st place, 3rd place, 4th place and 7th place bull were all sons of Cow 2782.


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Photo of 217 - Hou's mom

Cow 2782, mother to Cow 217(Hou's Mom)

Picture of 217-9 Snooker, the first son of Cow 217 (Hou's Mom)


We bucked Cow 217 when she was just a yearling. You will see she has bucking genetics.

This is a Snooker, a bull out of cow 217, the first time we bucked him. This cow has produced a bucker with this one!

Buck Hou a son of cow Hou’s Mom and sired by More Bucks

2782 (2782 Jungle EX-ile)

Houdini (329)

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